Let The Journey Begin

We Never Walk Alone

When you begin a walking journey in AYA, you get to choose between several walking partners. These companions will be your guide as you walk toward better health and a deeper understanding of our Chickasaw history.

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Walk with Talowa, a modern day Chickasaw Lighthorse officer in our newest Lawmen series.

Unique Characters to Guide You

Each walking partner has a story to tell, and with every step in AYA, you will learn more and more about them. You’ll hear a wide range of stories; stories of bravery and courage in our original Chickasaw Homeland, and tales of discovery and challenges in Indian Territory, just prior to Oklahoma statehood.


My name is Akanowa. I am the grandmother of many strong Chickasha. As an elder, I must be strong for all those who depend on me and for those who are to come after.


I am called Hikatubby. My name means, “He Stood and Killed,” and I earned it in battle. There is an invasion of men coming to our land. Their leader is called Hernando de Soto. As a tushka, I must prepare to protect my village.


Chokma! I am Solomon, a farmer. Along your walking path you will find important pieces of Chickasaw history. As your walking partner I will tell you about each one, so as we walk together, we learn together.

Mah Wah Ta

My name is Mah Wah Ta, which means “To Hunt or Find.” I am wife to Solomon, and with our two children we tend several acres of land. I gather wild plants to use as food and medicine for my people.


My name is Eliza, and I am 12 years old and live in the Indian Territory. I imagine so many possibilities for the future - for our people, for me and for our new state, Oklahoma.


I am Silas. Friends call me Si, but outlaws call me Trouble. I have plenty to say on the cattle industry, life on the wild frontier, and all the adventures of a country boy turned constable.

Ollie Belle

My name is Ollie Belle. My husband John and I were both educators but now are ranchers. The teacher is still in me, so I expect you’ll also learn a thing or two along your journey with me as your walking partner.


In 1877 I was a student at the Chickasaw National Academy in Stonewall. What I cared about most was my horse, Shobbokoli'.


My name is Talowa, which means "to sing" in Chickasaw. As a Chickasaw Lighthorse Police officer, I have a voice in the community I serve.


Emet T. Walker was the first in his family to join the Chickasaw Lighthorse Police. Read his journal and see real historical documents about Emet and his family.


Like his grandfather Emet, Benjamin “Ben” Walker was a Chickasaw Lighthorse officer who patrolled throughout the Chickasaw Nation in what was then called Indian Territory.

John Herrington

Chokma! My name is John Herrington. I’m a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, a retired U.S. naval aviator and a former NASA astronaut. This walking trail is part of a cross-country bike ride I took in 2008.

Te Ata

I told stories of my people, the Chickasaw, and stories from many other tribes. Telling stories took me to the White House, before royalty, across the deep blue waters to Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s hometown) and to Scandinavia.

Stories Of Our Past

Historical Items to Discover

Along each journey, you will stumble upon fun and historical items. As you go along, these items will collect in your profile. We call them “stumble upons” and they offer witty little encouragement boosts on your continuing journey to improved health.

Strength In Numbers

Groups in AYA

In AYA, you can create your own group, or join a group in your region, and then challenge other groups to a walk-off. Your group page shows member activity, the leaderboard and all current challenges. You can also reach out to Chickasaw walkers in other regions and start a challenge. It is a great way to get connected with others as you walk toward health.

Walking The Trail


The leaderboard shows who — among your friends and family — has the most steps. There are nine levels of steps to walk into: Mouse, Fox, Bobcat, Wolf, Horse, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Hawk and the highest level, Eagle. We encourage you to invite as many friends as you can to join your leaderboard. Competition is a great motivator for many and you can add to your steps to stay at the top.

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As you walk and improve your health, learn more about the history and culture of the Chickasaw Nation.

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